What happens when life gets too hard to hit your goals?

We’ve all been here at some point. You’ve started to implement a new routine in order to achieve a goal you set out for yourself. Maybe it is to lose 30 pounds.

Picture this:

You’ve hired a coach, you have been given a workout routine to stick to, a nutrition process to follow, and your motivation and clarity is at an all time high. You’ve committed to this process, time has gone by, and your well on your way to that goal you’ve set out for yourself. You’ve lost 10 pounds. Things are going great.

Then life throws you a curve ball.

Your child gets sick and you have to take time off of work.

Or maybe you have to stay extra hours at work to meet a deadline.

Maybe you have unexpected financial issues.

And all of a sudden, that goal where the path seemed so clear now takes a backseat. You’re struggling to get to your workouts. You’re stress eating/mindless eating because you’re getting home too late, or preoccupied with whatever is going on and your’e not prepared like you usually are when it comes to your diet. Your motivation levels fall because you have too much on your plate. you gain a couple of pounds. All seems lost, and all the work you’ve put in beforehand seems like it was for nothing. What should you do during these times?

First, understand that life is going to happen regardless of your goals and dreams. These moments in time are sometimes unavoidable. You will encounter times in life where you don’t make progress in the gym or on the scale, and maybe even get worse. And theres not much you can do to. The biggest thing to do is to STAY consistent with your workouts. Consistency is the foundation, and having an anchor to help you ride out this time in your life and not completely fall off a cliff is crucial.

Also, accept the fact that right now life is throwing too much at you and you might just need to change your expectations (temporarily), maintain and ride it out for the time being. Making the mindset shift of aggressively tackling your goals to maintaining the progress you’ve made is key. Things will get better, your job will stabilize, your finances will stabilize, that family event will pass. And you can refocus your full attention to your goals. 

Challenges are transient, and you actually grow and make progress through challenges; even if you can’t see it.

Stay determined! Keep showing up, lean on your support group or coach, and grow stronger when its all said and done.

Keep Training,

The Sage Team



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