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Have you ever tried to implement a new habit, whether thats incorporating exercise, starting a new diet, or developing a new skill, and get to a point where life’s stressors get in the way, and you ask yourself WHY you even do this? Its super important that in those moments, you have an answer. For me, its a make or break question. If you’re WHY is important enough, and has enough clarity, you will get through those tough moments. In todays blog post, we will relate this to training and your WHY.

Why do you train/why do you want to train? Is it for a physical transformation, or is there a deeper reason? Reminding yourself of your “why” is a powerful tool that can reignite your passion and commitment. Let’s delve into the importance of keeping your “why” at the forefront.

Unveiling The Core Motivation

I started taking Jiu jitsu around the time my son was born. For me, I thought I wanted to learn jiu jitsu to feel physically competent, and able to protect myself/my family if need be. In the beginning, I did not enjoy going to class. I felt awkward, and would constantly get submitted. It hurt my joints, and was very tiring. I quit once, for about 3 months.

Then for some reason, I decided to go back. I think it was because of my ego, of not wanting to be bad at something. This time, I still sucked, but I didn’t give up. Every class, I would feel like a complete beginner, not noticing my progress, but I still kept at it. Then one day, I was grappling with a person that usually gets the best of me, and I submitted them and won the encounter. This was not something I was expecting and surprised me. As you can imagine, it also ignited a fire for the desire to keep improving. I got better and better, and learned a very important lesson from Jiu jitsu: There is no substitution for putting in the work.

This realization began showing up in many other aspects of my life; My business life, my own fitness, my health and my relationships with my clients/family. Cultivating this mentality of persistence, patience, resilience, and problem solving became my WHY.

Every time I find myself in a rut, over worked, or not seeing any progress and want to quit, I remind myself why I do what I do, and keep on moving forward.

Understanding this core motivation can provide you with clarity and focus that is essential for meaningful progress.

Sustaining Momentum

Training often requires a significant investment of time and effort. At some point, it’s inevitable that you will face hurdles or a plateau. This is where your “why” comes into play. When the going gets tough, reminding yourself of why you started can be the fuel you need to keep pushing forward. Your “why” acts as an anchor, keeping you grounded and focused on what truly matters.

Setting Purposeful Goals

When you’re clear on why you train, you can set more purposeful goals that are aligned with your values and aspirations. This doesn’t just make your objectives more attainable, but it also ensures that they are meaningful to you. For example, if you train in martial arts for self-defense, your goals might be centered on improving reaction times and mastering certain techniques. Knowing your “why” ensures that your goals serve a bigger purpose than just ticking a box.

Enhancing Your Sense Of Fulfillment

Training with a purpose that resonates with your core values tends to yield not just success but fulfillment. This is because you’re not just pursuing arbitrary targets; you’re working towards something that has a profound significance to you. The road to success is just as important as the end result, and knowing your “why” makes the journey more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Re-Evaluating and Evolving

It’s also worth noting that your “why” can change over time. As you grow and evolve, so do your priorities and values. Continually re-evaluating why you train allows your goals and methods to evolve with you. This ensures that your training remains aligned with who you are at different stages of your life.


Training is an integral part of personal development. However, to maximize the benefits and stay committed, it’s crucial to remind yourself why you’re doing it. Your “why” is the compass that guides your actions, helps you overcome challenges, and brings fulfillment. As life progresses, don’t forget to reassess and realign your “why”. It’s not just about the destination but also about the journey, and knowing why you’re on this path makes all the difference.



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